Beneficial Nematodes Review

I’ve read all about using beneficial nematodes for handling fleas in the yard. I’m very excited to see how it works for us.

We have three lovely dogs and most of the year they are completely flea free. We use brewers yeast tablets for the vitamins and for flea control but sometimes that just isn’t enough especially once summer hits and the flea population booms.

Now, I’ve tried a number of things to get rid of the fleas naturally. One of my favorites is diatomaceous earth. It works by dehydrating the fleas. It takes about 3 days to completely kill them and their eggs. It works great indoors and out.

Back to the beneficial nematodes, I wanted something to use outdoors during the rainy season and the nematodes are perfect for that. They do best in shade and love it wet! I followed the instructions today and sprayed the entire yard down with them. I’ll come back in a week and again at two weeks and so on and let you know what happens.

1 week: I’m a bit disappointed, I have not noticed any real reduction in the fleas.

2 weeks: I think maybe it could be working but still seeing fleas.

1 month: I’m seeing a reduction in fleas. This could be because of colder weather. Could probably use another dose. I’m thinking this may be something to use quarterly as a preventative.

3 months: fleas are completely gone. It was as though it happened overnight. One day I noticed that the dogs are not scratching and that they are just completely not a problem anymore!!

– I will order again and do this twice a year for maintenance!

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