Making a loft bed

Sometimes you can find amazing things on Pinterest. Sometimes you can’t resist seeing if it will fail or will be completely awesome. In this instance, it turned out beautifully!

This all started when I decided to have my kids in bunk beds. My oldest son is extremely tall and a larger bed is a must. After hunting online I found that there are very little queen size bunk beds and the ones that do exist just were not what I was looking for, so I hit Pinterest for ideas and I stumbled across this gem Best bed ever and got to work.

First was buying supplies and cutting it all to size-

Next and one of my favorite parts was using the kreg jig

Following that was assembly, sanding and painting- this step was the longest and I discovered that sanding is something I really don’t enjoy at all!

Finally it was time to put all the parts together and put the mattress in!

We couldn’t be happier. It turned out perfectly! I will definitely go to this site for me ideas should the need arrive.

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