Costco ready meals

This week was a bit hectic for us and left little time for meal preparation so I did something I don’t normally do, I went through Costco with the idea of simply heating up dinner- I wanted to see what all I could find with organic options and that somewhat resembles something I would make myself if more time were available.

First is the Chicken Flautas

These are a hit! My whole family likes them. I do think that I could replicate these easily and maybe tone down the spice. I’m sure that will be a post later on. I ended up pairing this with guacamole pictured below to help mellow out the flavor.

Overall I would buy these again if in a time crunch. The Avocado Mash I buy often. I love the single servings and being able to tuck them into a lunch box or bring on the go.

The second meal we tried is Broccoli cheddar stuffed chicken breasts

These I will admit are completely delicious! The only downside is the price. I spent close to $40 to feed my family of four. Which isn’t horrible but that’s roughly what would be spent at a restaurant and a lot more than I would normally spend on a meal at home.

I think I would be able to replicate these as well. Like I said before the flavor is absolutely on point! The broccoli and cheddar rice stuffing was totally comforting and the chicken was seasoned very well and the whole thing was incredibly moist.

The third meal was bean and cheese burritos

These are good, not super flavorful but are filling and easy to make. I think these could be made at home and frozen with added spices to make it a bit better.

The fourth meal was potstickers

These taste like egg rolls. They have a little kick to them but not horrible. I will say that I ended up with heartburn afterwards though. I would not buy again.

Overall, I think I found a few new diy freezer meal ideas and made it through the week. Tonight is back to normal and I’ll cook once again!

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