Easter egg raffle hunt

I try to do something different each year for Easter to keep things fun and interesting. With the rise of health problems and obesity I’ve been paying close attention to the amount of sweets I hand out to my children and others- especially on holidays.

A friend of mine told me about an egg hunt he went to recently with his children and they did raffle tickets inside the eggs! This- simply put- is BRILLIANT! Absolutely brilliant! I mean really, low volume of candy, fun -low or high budget gifts, a roll of raffle tickets and a ton of fun!

Each year I reuse my Easter hunting eggs. For a long time I was completely oblivious to the fact that these plastic eggs are not recyclables. A couple years ago I came upon a fellow bloggers post that laid out all the details of how these pretty little eggs end up littering the landfills! So now mine get stored along with any other holiday items and I take them out on Good Friday. Each year I get a bit smarter and spend a bit less money on things that can easily be reused, like the wire Easter baskets. 

So this morning I started the task of adding 1 ticket to each egg. I was sure to count how many eggs and raffle tickets I had so that there was plenty for each item and extra for the little candies.

I suppose you could do raffle tickets in some eggs and candy in others but I did raffle tickets in all of them and then did some candy as winning items. You could also do this truly like a raffle where there is a matching ticket for a winning items but what I thought would work well for us was using a number of tickets to “purchase” an item of their choice.

You may be wondering about the bunny tongs above that kind of look like scissors. We have a bit of an age gap with the children in our family and I like to get the little ones as much of an advantage as possible- Enter the egg tong! A requirement for older children to use when collecting their eggs.

The Easter raffle egg hunt was a definite success and I do think I will end up doing a couple variations of this over the next few years!

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