Easter strawberries for kids

This year I wanted to do something different with the kids, so I decided to try chocolate covered strawberries but Easter Style!

I thought about just coloring the chocolate or using the pre-made colored chocolate melts but after a good twenty minutes of wandering through my local Michael’s- I had that “light bulb” moment and decided to make my own colored sugar and have the kids use that for decorating!

The kids loved this! So many color combinations. Creating the colored sugar is beyond easy. 1/2 a cup of sugar with a drop or two of food coloring in a ziplock- Shake Shake Shake and beautiful colored sugar! I let mine dry out for a few days before starting the strawberries project.

The kids had a blast decorating the strawberries. My oldest tried making designs and stripes worked well. My youngest was lucky if the sugar landed on the strawberries at all but overall a lot of fun! The taste is of course amazing!! This may be a new Easter tradition!

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