How to make frozen pizza taste fresh

My kids and I are really big fans of pizza but we don’t always like the time it takes for delivery, the driver not finding our house, arriving late or just having to wait in general.

I found a frozen brand that I really Love. It’s thin crust and has plenty of options that fit our household. My kids are a big fan of plain cheese. I on the other hand like veggie pizza and my husband is happy with anything I put in front of him.

The only real downside I find to frozen pizza is A. The crust not cooking fully or B. Not enough cheese. How I fix these issues is by A. Using a pizza tin that has holes in it- it cooks more evenly. The bottom crisps really well and that makes for a yummier pizza. For problem B. I slice a log of mozzarella into even rounds and place them all over the frozen pizza. It works every time!

Doing it this way feels like I’ve gotten a special pizza from a downtown cafe- even though I’ve never left the house!

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