A review of The Shark Pro Steam Pocket Mop

I’m reviewing this Shark Pro Steam Pocket Mop because I have a Shark brand vacuum that I absolutely love! To the extent that I don’t think I will ever buy another brand of vacuum.

So I was out shopping with the family and I passed this in the isles a few times before I finally said enough and plopped it in the cart.

Once home I unpacked it. It was super easy to assemble and to fill with water. Next was to give it a go on my tile!

Now, this may be TMI but my little loves are still learning to aim and that leaves my bathroom floor the perfect place to test this baby out!

As you’ll see below- This NEEDS to be cleaned SO Badly!! It’s just the perfect way to test.

Full of steam and ready to go- I start to mop the bathroom after a quick sweep to gather up any loose bits. Swipe after swipe my excitement started to dwindle. Stuck on bits are not coming off and the grout is unchanged. So I return to old faithful- the scrub brush and a microfiber towel. A few sprays of my homemade Borax spray along the grout lines and some quick scrub scrub scrub and the floor is renewed!

After that I decided to use the steam mop again. I expected after having done my own scrub scrub scrubbing to have the cloth of the steam mop to remain perfectly white but it didn’t! It wasn’t even close! More dirt was coming up! I can tell you that after being in there with the steam hitting at all angles I’m confident that all the gross things that had been lurking are gone!



So in conclusion- I would keep this steamer. I wouldn’t use it to tackle those really dirty jobs but rather for maintenance or after a cleaning- to be certain that it’s completely sanitized!

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